Easier Rescheduling:

We are proud to announce that our much awaited reschedule extension is now live. We have been working hard over the past few months testing and making tweaks to the customer reschedule page to make Rescheduling Easier for operators and have now included this as standard with any customers on our Pro +  and Max Plans.

What is the reschedule page? The Reschedule Page is a game changer to any operator who books tours and might need to cancel or alert large numbers of passenger quickly, and more efficiently than standard protocol of emailing and calling hundreds of passengers due to something like bad weather?

Once cancelled the reschedule page allows your customers to visit a branded webpage with your Company logo & once they have entered their surname and voucher code they can re-book themselves onto a available date and time in the future without the need for your operations staff to take hundreds of phone calls and send countless emails and correspondence.

Sound familiar? if so then this new feature will change the way your flight operations function and is guaranteed to save you time and money month on month.

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Book a demo today to see how Flight Ops Pro can streamline your business.

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